Pink courageous skirt

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Designed in heart of Europe

  1. Sketches & design

    Sketches & design

    Every single one of our dress designs originates under the skilled and talented hands of our creative director, Lenka Jurigova. Even in the sketching process, she designs silhouettes which are flattering. We want the most unique in our collection. So we choose the sketches that best represent us.

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  2. Sample making

    Sample making

    Every garment you'll find in our collection is designed in-house. Our designers use the selected designs and sew a sample which is the first step of completing the particular design. After the process a sample is tested on models several times and then alter until it becomes exactly the design we want.

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  3. Manufacturing


    Once we create a perfect prototype we send it to one of our factories located around the world. Every factory uses the newest technology in order to deliver the most outstanding product on the market. Maximum precision and quality control are guaranteed. Before all products are dispatched to our warehouses, they must pass several inspections to ensure the products meet the highest standards.

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  4. Beautiful packaging

    Beautiful packaging

    We always aim for the the best customer experience. We don't leave anything to chance. We have also specifically designed our packaging. From the beautiful pink shipping box over to the label attached to each dress. Every detail is done by us. We believe that from the first visit to our website to receiving your delivery, should be a rewarding experience for our customer. Because of this, we never let you wait. Your package is shipped to order. Only two days are separating you from wearing your dream dress.

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